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Music Centre Resonaari 

Music Centre Resonaari (Helsinki, Finland) has a music school for people with special needs. The music school currently offers instrument and band tuition to over 300 pupils, all of whom have one or two music lessons per week. 

Resonaari Music School follows the Finnish National Curriculum for music schools and has an official music school status in Finland.

Music Centre Resonaari also carries out research and development, produces material, organizes courses and complementary education and maintains a network for professionals, associations, polytechnics and universities in Finland and abroad.


Join Resonaari Inclusive Music Network

The Resonaari Inclusive Music Network (i.e. Resonaari Network) maintained by Music Centre Resonaari is a free service aimed at professionals, and it is created to bring together people who value equality in learning and accessibility in music making.

In addition to individual professionals the network welcomes universities, schools and other academic institutions, as well as workshops, care homes and units of assisted living to join the network.


Join now


Resonaari Inclusive Music Network offers you:

  • information about current events, courses and material
  • an informative newsletter a few times each year
  • the opportunity to connect with other professionals

In the hub of the Resonaari Network are learners, who have some special trait or quality in their way of learning and who need individually designed solutions to aid them in learning and music making. Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to join music making, and to find ways to enable everyone to play!


Now sharing educational videos with members!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all Resonaari Music School teaching is currently carried out as distance teaching. Our teachers have created dozens of videos to support the students practicing at home. We offer links to some of these videos to members of the international Resonaari Network, free of charge.

You can share the video links with your clients/students according to your judgement. Please stress to everyone the importance of not sharing the links with anyone else or posting them on social media. The links are intended only to be used by members of the Resonaari Network in support of their work.

You will get access to the video links as soon as you have joined the network.


Resonaari's latest international projects

2019-2021 Universal Orchestra. Project funded by Nordic Culture Fund.

2020 Finnish-Swedish co-operation. Exchange project funded by Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundarion.

2020 ISME pre-conference seminar - Special Music Education and Music Therapy. 

2019-2020: Music Withour Barriers 2. Project funded by Nordic Counsil of Ministers.

2018-2019: Music Without Barriers. Project funded by Nordic Counsil of Ministers.

2015-2017: Meeting in Music. NordPlus Junior - project.

2009-2011: Music for All. Central Baltic INTERREG - project.


Contact Resonaari

If you want to know more about Resonaari and our work, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Markku Kaikkonen
Musiikkikoulun rehtori, Resonaarin johtaja (director)
+358 400 766 712


Email: markku.kaikkonen@resonaari.fi or resonaari@resonaari.fi

Address: Music Centre Resonaari, Kulosaaren puistotie 26 , 00570 Helsinki, Finland

Resonaari is a part of Helsinki based NGO HelsinkiMissio. Helsinkimissio ry, Albertinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. www.helsinkimissio.fi

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